Why need a website for New and already stabiles business?

The website is the basic need of any new and already established business. When any person wants to start a new business in the market at that time, many small and medium business owners must be facing a difficult situation for customer trust and branding. At that situation website helps to make trust and brand to market for the customers.

Can I increase my Business using the website in Nepal ?

Its answer is absolutely yes.  In Nepal context, there is no internet accesses in all over the nation but there are good internet accesses in the city area of Nepal including the capital city. After the COVID-19 pandemic online stores business has been dramatically increasing.  

How many cost for develop website in Nepal ?

In the Nepal there are hundred of companies has been established to develop software, especially for web application development. The cost of website development depends on which programming language you want to use or how much facility you want to add to your website. There are a few things to depend cost of website development.

1. Programming Language 

2. Website funcality or facility 

3. Company (Branding of website development company) 

4. CMS (content management system)

5. SEO (search engine optimization) friendly 


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