What are the benefits of Digital Class?

Digital class is much better audio video class for SEE student who, studies in ruler area of nepal. It is easy to use and installation.  The students can take class using smartphone device at home. Digital has developed on the basis of curriculum development center(CDC) of Nepal. 

Here are some Benefits of  Digital class for Student. 

Offline Class.

Digital class has online also offline video courses of  formal and informal education. So if student purchased offline class he/she get one SD card which can use on smartphone devices. It doesn't require internet for installation,registration as well as play all video. So here are the some list of advantages of digital class for the Student.  

  1. All total curriculum has coverage on short video. 
  2. 5-7 minutes video for all problem. 
  3. Animation and illustration in all problem solution. 
  4. No need to registration
  5. No need to connection of internet. 
  6. Student and Teacher both can use.

Install our Application form Google play store


Digital Class app installation process.

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