Unit 3 communication and networking class 12 computer science
  • Communication is sending and receiving information between two or more people. The person sending the message is referred to as the sender, while the person receiving the information is called the receiver.
  • The information conveyed(transport or carry) can include facts, ideas, concepts, opinions, beliefs, attitudes, instructions and even emotions.
  • Communication is defined as the exchange of electronic form of information between sender and receiver devices with the help of means of communication.  

In Short "Communication is sending and receiving information among people. " 

Types of communication

  1. Verbal communication
  2. Written communication 
  3. Body Language of Communication

Five Major components of communication

  1. Message
  2. Sender
  3. Receiver
  4. Transmission Medium
  5. Protocols

Advantages of Networking (purpose of Networking)

Sharing resources :

•Hardware and software communicate with each other for the procession result. It helps to transfer information between sender and receiver  faster and cheaper.

•It possible to share data or information among multiple users at the same time

Faster and cheaper communication

Using computer communication is much faster and cheaper. We can send file, photo, video, audio very fast and low cost or free using a communication network.  

Centralize Control

All the devices which are connected to the network can control from one computer, called the main server computer.

There are so many roles, protocol, privileges, security measures are applied for data and information transfer.

Backup and Recovery

We can use the server for backup and recovery options. If any data is deleted from the computer we can recover it using the server if the user saves data in the server database. 

Remote and Mobile accesses.

We can use data and information using the server in a remote area with the mobile devices.

Disadvantage of Computer Network


Security Issue

I need a technical Person.

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